Grill turn into hanger !


Turn th

e Wire netting or grill  into hanger and easy simply Just need few tools !

And How make ! Also smiply easy to understand below :

Tools you will need :

1. Grill or wire netting (basically)

2. Sandpaper for clean Grill (If that recycled)

3. Spray paint for spray the clean


4. News paper for spray paint

5 .




Step 1 .

Clean Grill with sandpaper

Step 2 .

Make it stand

Step 3 .

Spraypaint on paper


Step 4 .

Cutting wire netti


While ! You done ! How fast and easy only need half an hour for

Grill is recycled If that one you use is new then the Grill you will use

less than half an hour maybe just few minute ! That quite help you to

less use your precious time to do other . Just few minute they can help

you lot to hanger any you want like key or messenge photo recipe

for help you when you are cooking ! Pleasure!

Thanks for visited !

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