Plastic bottle truck toy !


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Make your own turck from plastic bottle ! 

First you will need to prepare tools about 7 then you

start the process.

Tools you need :

1. Several Plastic bottle .(For car body)

2. Several Plastic bottle cap . ( For car tires)

3. Several Iron wire (For fixed tires )

4. Oliver ×1 (For dig hole )

5. Nail ×1 (For dig hole )

6. Pliers × 1 (For cut iron )

7. Marker pen or other colorful pen ( For color your car)


Step1. prepare tools.


Step 2. Dig hole.

Step 3. Use iron through the hole.


Step 4. Fixed the tires with pliers.




Step 5. Painting car for your sweet child this will be best choose for you DIY with your child …

Enjoy ! Have a great wonderful day … we love you .


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