DIY stander bird feeder from bottle !





DIY stander bird feeder from bottle ! W

ant a birId feeder when you without big tree then this good idea a bird 


stander feeder Which you no need to prepared a big tree ! Just give a space 


for bird stander feeder to stander . Of course better is backyard or garden ! 


Also if your potting is enough for stander that ok … enjoy. And this really working If ever  found bird In your back Yard and don’t worry Bird miss your feeder . Just make 


Sure your feeder is working for them . And don’t create a Danger bird feeder 


Otherwise they will fell down and never back to your feeder Again . 


Stuffs you will need :




1. Bottle ×1 (or more )



2. Wood Basic ×2 (


 one for bird and another one for stander )


3. Pen ×1( For draft)


4. Penknife ×1 (For cleave a shape feeder bird )


5. Screwdriver × 1 ( For fixed the wood stander )



6. Screw × 2 ( one is noproblem )

Processed below :


Step 1. Draft .



Step 2. Cleave shape for feeder bird. 

Step 3. Fixed wood with screw .



 4. Draft and Cleave for bird .


Step 5. Using wood through bottle.




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  2. Argus

    I like this. It’s winter here in New Zealand right now, so the birds will appreciate your design … thank you!

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