DIY – Paint Buck with Potting Board and let you chlid join with you .


Make a paint buck with potting board !

Have no idea for your empty paint buck . While ! what i want to share with you

this good idea to reuse your paint buck and they will be amaze easy .


Let your child join with you Very easy .

Tool prepared :

1. Paint buck is for set plant .

2. Wooden clip for glue on paint buck .

3. Glue should be applied for iron and paper .

4. Shears or cutter for paper cuttings.

5. Ruler.

6. Colorful paper or other for decorate clip .

7. Potting plant.

8. Pen.

Processed :

Step 1~4 : Dig hole and cutings paper.


Step 5~8: glue paper on clip and paint buck.


Step 9~10: glue clip on paint buck and set plant.


Ok ! You done pleasure . Have a great day .



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