DIY- 3D surfboard make your holiday wonderful with kid !

Make your holiday wonderful with chlid and father favorite .

Let’s go make 3D Surfboard from recycled plastic case ! 

Enjoy and Have a great holiday ! 

Thanks for support us .

Stuff need:

1. Plastic case ×3 ( If you want more 5~7 )

For surfboard body .

2. colors paper. (Several for deco surfboard 

 make stander beach man )

3. Pen for color your plastic case . 

Blue ×1 (For beach color ) Black × 1 (For drew surfboard ) 

Pencil × 1 (For drew beach man)

4. Penknife × 1 (For cut a surfboard shape )

5. Shears × 1 ( For trim surfboard and cutting beach man ) 

6. Glue ×1 (Apply for plastic )

Processed :

Step1~4 . Drew Surfboard (black line on plastic is for cutting)


beach man (pencil line is skeleton for drew a beach man body ).


Step 5~8. Cutting paper and glue them on plastic.


Enjoy and support us! Thanks :).


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