DIY – Candy wrapping for gift & party

What a great idea that i was inspired than ever ! Is a lovely mouse .

Which simple and easy to make … Of course you can make it with

your child . Whenever is for party or gift this totally enough to

wrap candy or other gift and i think i will used it as a party collection

for deco and wrap with candy . Enjoy and have a great day .

Thanks for visited us !

Keeping search us .

Material :

1.Bottle ×1or2 ( This basic tool mouse body )

2.Knife×1( For cutting the bottle )

3.Shears×1(For trimming bottle )

4.grey paper ×1 ( mouse ear )

5.Twin adhesive×1( For ear )

6.Acrylic colour white ×1(painting mouse ear and teeth )

7.Acrylic colour black ×1(painting nose)

8.Line to tied on bottle

9.Dig hole tool ×1

Note : Where is grey color ! Grey color from white and black

mixed them up then they brought you a grey color of Acrylic



party mouse



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