Plastic bottle pet pot !


What i thinks to decorate my table ! Plastic bottle pet pot .

If you are looking for somethings interesting and fun

i thinks this exactly you are looking for now.

Of course ! Don’t be stingy to sharing this process

with your child even just painting they may feeling delightful or

just put plant … and be proud of them . When they give you

a confidence smile that your feedback and sweet like dessert .

Whatever i don’t have any child now ! But i thinks child

just like that …Enjoy. and please kept support us .

Stuffs need :

1. Plastic bottle ×1 (basic)

2. Knife × 1 ( for cutting bottle)

3. Shears ×1(for trimming )

4. Acrylic colors back

5. Acrylic colors white a basic stuff to mix color (water colors like brown or

yellow or blue or red …, then you no need to prepare dozen Acrylic colors Just

need a basic white .)

6. Paint brush ×1 or more ! If you will need .

7. News paper ×1

Processed :


pet pot -10-1

pet pot-9-1



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