Make dollhouse with plastic bottle

IMG_20140323_223732Make Dollhouse for child with recycled plastic bottle .

And bring them a wonderful day !

Of course you can save your money a

nd less extra entertain expenditure

at the moment you can teach your

child how to save money and let it be a habit from life starting.

Enjoy ! Have a great day .and please support us Thanks .

Tools you need :

1.Plastic bottle (basic house several )

2.Acrylic colour white (color your house basic white for

mixed up with water color and brought acrylic color more other different )

3.Acrylic colour black(color your house basic and same like white this brought

color more .)

4. Water color several you will need to use .(for mixed up with acrylic color and C

reate more color)

5.Knife ×1(for cutting )

6.Pen ×1(for sketch)


egg- tool

egg -5



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