Plastic bottle caps Owl .

IMG_20140402_023821Reuse plastic bottle caps turn them into lovely Owl !

Ok ! This weekend you have somethings to do with your child now .

I promise this fun and good choose to lead your child How to creative

Owl easy . Enjoy Have a good day .…

Tools need :

1. Plastic bottle cap several .

2. Acrylic colour white ×1( for mixed with water colour brown )

3. Acrylic colour black ×1(for eye and mixed with water colour brown)

4. Paper ×2 ( one for bird body and another one for bottom )

5. Glue ×1

6. watercolor painting×1








One comment

  1. miss ostensson eco-chic creations

    thanks again for your lovely comment! and I have to say that this is a great idea, I love the owl, so good!!! you have just inspired me to try something new…lots of love

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