Make hedgehog toy from soda bottle !



Make hedgehog from soda bottle ! This What i inspire yesterday when i’m thinks over what can i make a toy from soda bottle .And the idea first out of my brian is fish But that’s a little bit hard to practice for that moment i don’t have any idea to make a fish with a smooth way therefore hedgehog instead fish and the below what i done . Hope you can make a same for your boy or girl as toy .

Tools need :

1. Soda bottle ×3 or 4~6 different color

(two or three … more colors .)

2. Nail polish ×2 (white and red .)

3. Knife ×1

4. Shears ×1

5. Candle ×1

6. Cap × 5

7. Glue gun or glue apply for plastic .

8. Doll eyes ×2

Processed :




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