Fruit crate new life



his is a Big problem for me to order my stuff and make it organized !

Also is problem that non-stop running over my head . And the crate is a good stuff that i’m looking for .

Because i had Large amount things and my create need to organized ! Then the things just like this i pick up th


several fruit crate from vendor and keeping thinks what can i do for this

useful stuff and give her new life ! First time i make it silly … put it high then make my self with the hard situation ( hard to bring my things out and order … even see my stuff ) But i just change the a position from high to low .Can you belive the whole things chang … First i can easy to bring my things out and easy to find my things … of course easy to order! After all every things just smooth . I order my things and make it organized like picture You can use it to organse the kids toy too ! That will be good ! Pleasure and Have a great day .


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