Hey ! Thanks for your visited with your loyalty support and give us lot of encourage all we need ! We are recycled for plastic bag A couple with lot lovely dear working hard for recycled with the good goal Hope environment will be a nice place more appropriate for live . Enjoy!

Our facebook page below go check :



Our instagram :http://instagram.com/gfrogworkshop

Our shop :https://mondelavidoor.wordpress.com/shop/




Hubby Quentin Jeandel Enginer ,Designer from france Neomansland founder with Dimitri Boulze .
Wife Carol Jeandel Designer and Artist Graduate from product design with the brief full time jewelry design experienced and starting my recycled career by my hubby invited … while ! This is exactly my recycled career starting and How about a couple working together for recycled is love and passion that kind of explore and full of Amaze . Although we occasional leave shop for vacation sometime .



Contact  : mondelavidoor@live.com






  1. miss ostensson eco-chic creations

    hello there my dear! now I have finally finished my nomination questions and done my nominees, so I hope I can make you proud!!! all the best

  2. timelessitaly

    Hi Carol, thank you for choosing to follow my blog! I am truly happy to have you on board. Your blog looks amazing and very unique. I’m been looking it over…..very nice!

    • mondelavidoor

      Hi Sasha , I need to give u a big thanks to connect us 🙂 what a great news from u … we won’t let u disappointed . We connect u too thanks u thanks u thanks ~

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