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Toddler & Baby play idea from plastic bottle

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Turn the powdered milk can into a toddler toy !



Turn the powdered milk can cap into a toddler toy !

This is a idea with the simple way and clever . I sure you never thought it

even you are used them everyday a powdered milk can cap . While ! The

idea inspire when i was browsing Instagram .

And How make below the stuffs you need with the guide photo !

Hope you like this and Have a great weekend !


Stuffs you need :

1. Powdered milkcan with cap ×1

2. Knife ×1

3. Paper ×1 (A4)

4. Toy ×4

5. Shears ×1

6. Tape ×1

7. Pencil ×1







Toy make fish from recycled plastic bottle !



kids toy make time ! I

love this toy make so much more as they look awesome cute . Ev

en thought the processed not so much smooth as you see now ! A

nd the problem is i made a wrong and complicate way a

nd also you won’t belive . I was thinks the fish tail they make used By

 melt as it flat (this is first time i found this lovely DIY ) .But

it just used stapler only … to fixed the tail . Funny Right !

Tools need :

1. Plastic bottle ×1

2. Paint brush ×1 or 2

3. Acrylic colour (withe . black . orange or red )

4. Stapler ×1

5. Fish tail Pattern

6. Knife ×1

7. Shears ×1

8. twin adhesive ×1

processed :