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Regrow with recycled plastic bottle tool !


After 7 day the plant that i growing in water they all ready has roots on it … While ! that mean is time to raise plant in pot . Therefore i prepared the tools all we need and combine the recycled that most point We need to practice . Just check below the tools you will need :

1. Plant (already had roots that you grow )

2. Soil

3. Stone several

4. Cardboard several

5. Pot

6. Garden trowel from milkbottle :

7. watering can from recycled milk bottle .

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Processed :

How regrow the Step1 ! While ! I bought the vegetable from supermarket they’re all

with stalk and i pulled the leaves out cooked leaves only and leaved the stalk with the top shoots for regrow in the water at the bottom about 7 day and i changed the water 3~4 day until i found the roots already on it that about 7 day then remove them from water to soil .

Step 2. I prepared stone for the pot bottom .

Step 3. I prepared cardboard and tore them like little scrap .

Step 4. Add the soil .

Step 5. Add the plant .

Step 6. Add the soil for the end and water .





Garden tool made from recycled plastic bottle !

garden tool -2

For recently i’m planning to grow tomato … So ! I sought any tools they all about garden and this just totally in time and useful for my on going garden plan when i discover this online and i add a little my own unique idea with this garden tool as you see hand-held side that i add balloon they will help you to avoid the soil sprinkle out through the hole .I sure this will help you a lot and you should make one . Enjoy .

Tools need :

1. Plastic bottle ×1

2. Knife ×1

3. Balloon ×1

processed :

garden tool -1

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