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Toothbrush New life !


We have new idea to give Toothbrush a new life.  Ok! Pretend that you suddenly can’t find any brush for your yolk to bake cookie … and clearly this moment the toothbrush idea is best and good for rescue your unexpected problem in the kitchen . Have a great weekend !


Onion bags idea for clean !


We don’t know How you clean your sink or other… like bowl  ! But we know you will always need wash stuffs therefore we had one idea must share with you and they quite easy fast without 5 minute then you did . While !  Start  to collect your onion bags and gather them up .

How reused onion or garlic bag !


So ! Here are three way to reuse onion bag … If  you are still thinks What can you do with onion bag then this three idea they will totally useful for you .

Like picture what i show you the idea:

1. You can used as a socks wash bag.(If your socks They’re not so much dirty and this is a good way to gather them up and wash .)

2. To be a little kitchen waste bag in the sink with lemon then you can keeping your sink clean and smell good  .


3. To hang  it on the tap . (This is most great way to keep your soap they’re not going to be paste.)

Ok ! Hope this will help you lot . And support us don’t forget .Thanks .