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4 way to reused shower cap !


Wow ! It’s been long time without update the new … guilty feeling again . We are feeling so sorry for this . Hope you are not going to leave us ! While ! Keeping support us please … and we will not let you regret . Ok ! Go straight this time We prepare shower cap and want to share with you How to reuse those useless shower cap from hotel and we had 4 way that useful for your suddenly problem : 1. For trip you can use them as avoid the dirt for shoe . 2. You can use them when rainy to protect your shoe getting wet . 3. To protect your cap avoid dirt . 4. To protect your camera avoid wet When rainy .

Pleasure and have a good weekend !


Plastic bottle idea for travel suitcase !



Again in the year and the most great season for Travel is upcoming ! Here are we have tiny  idea to offer you Once you were need the idea for your shose and this quite will be useful for you . Hope you will love this ! Happy Valentine day 🙂