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Upcycled Gardening Tools

Little farmers helper … they will help you to grow the tiny plant well like prevent the insect pest !Nice tools .


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Milk Jugs

For sheer versatility in the garden, nothing comes close to the humble plastic milk jug. Save both half-gallon and gallon sizes to create these garden helpers.

Seed flats. Starting your own seeds is the easiest way to cut your gardening costs to the bone. And it’s the only way to get many of the newest varieties. To save space and bother, start seeds in shallow trays filled with potting soil, then transplant the strongest seedlings to pots later on. To make free seed flats, cut off the bottom three inches of a gallon milk jug and punch a few holes in the bottom with a nail. Fill with potting mix, and use a pencil to create two or three shallow furrows for sowing. Then plant your seeds according to the packet directions.

Mini greenhouse. In…

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Of Nude Mice and Bacon Smells

Wish you a Marry Christmas !

Book to the Future

Before I go into a customary nostalgic post as I am wont to do, let me first amuse you with my first ever entertaining search engine terms that have allowed people to find their way – somewhat strangely – to my blog.  The first one, What type of dog is that? It’s a tortoise I could just about accept but the somewhat more bizarre, proceedings of the second international workshop on nude mice, appeals to my sense of humour but did leave me wondering if that particular seeker of knowledge came away disappointed on not.


Anyway thank you for permitting me that small aside and now to move on with a Christmas post…The genesis of which came last year on a cold Christmas Eve, after returning from a frantic trip to find some elusive brown sugar.  I looked up into the clear black sky and saw the blinking lights of…

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Stationery storage plate from recycled plastic bottle


Ok ! you can teach or you make it for your kid then they can organized The

mself stationery and painting the lovely role for themself like mouse or cat wh

at i’m showing … and the below tools you will need . Hope this will help you To

 kill your time with your kid When the Holiday is upcoming and your brain i

s still empty maybe you can add this to your holiday list .

Tools you need :

1. Plastic bottle × 2

2. Nail polish white and red both ×1

3. Marker pen black ×1

4. Knife ×1

5. Shears ×1

Processed :

bottle cat -2